The granddaughter of silent film star Douglas Fairbanks wrote this letter to Jean Dujardin.

An Open Letter to Jean Dujardin

Dear Mr. Dujardin,

I just wish to send you a very short note to say, thank you, for the magnificent film — The Artist. Not only because it is brilliant on a global scale, but also because for me personally, it was as if there were moments when I thought I saw my grandfather, Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. in front of my very own eyes!

An extraordinary experience, and at times — completely surreal! I don’t know how much of an influence he was for your interpretation of the part — but it seems to me that you have really embodied his dynamic spirit, his joie de vivre and an aspect of his that I often feel on watching his films where I find myself between tears and laughter.

He understood how to really touch profound feelings and you do the same thing. Unfortunately, he died seven years before I was born, but I always felt an especially deep connection with him — even more than I felt with my own father.

Now I am quite an old lady, but I sent my children and grandchildren to see your film. They loved it as well, recognizing also a kind of Ogenetic resonance! So, in closing, a big thank you for having touched our hearts in such an important manner. I wish you all the best for your future and thank you for having brought magic — a magic apparent to all the world — but for me, something personal and a profoundly touching experience.

Melissa Fairbanks
London, England

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